My first scan, our multi faith prayer circle and healing through love

pre scan prayer circle sun 15th sept 2013

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday September 18th is a big day, our first milestone since chemo began, where we will discover how my body is responding to my treatment. As someone with stage 4 cancer, statistically the doctors do not expect to cure me but hope that with continued treatment, they may alleviate my symptoms and prolong my life. However, what they don’t take into account is that your physical being only makes up a fraction of your health, in that your state of mind, both mentally and emotionally, are what truly determine your wealth.

At around 8:30pm on Sunday just gone, we held a multi faith prayer circle, the coming together of friends from different cultures and backgrounds, in person, on skype and around the world, to ask for my healing. We gathered together, held hands and we prayed and as the sounds of tears filled the room, I felt free, free from anxiety and fear, as I realized that through love alone, I am already healing, regardless of what tomorrow brings.

To everyone on #teamslugslayer, you are my greatest gift.

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One thought on “My first scan, our multi faith prayer circle and healing through love

  1. T.Bailey says:

    Such a beautiful and powerful experience. Thank you for allowing us, strangers, to witness such an intimate and emotional moment. Your prayer was so moving and it had me in tears. May God bless you, keep you, protect you and heal you.

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