Lovely Lucy and her walk for Cancer Research UK



Soon after I was diagnosed, I was told about Maggie’s, a wonderful Cancer center in the middle of busy London town. A bright orange building designed to feel like a tropical retreat, it offers all kinds of support, information and holistic treatments for Cancer patients and anyone affected by it. I remember first walking into Maggie’s… I was immediately struck by the serenity of its atmosphere and was almost unnerved by how heavenly it felt. I saw other patients who were frail, some quite visibly dying, along with others who were vibrant and full of life and suddenly it hit me, “I am in a Cancer center. I have Cancer.” I remember feeling so out of place because I didn’t feel then, nor do I still honestly, feel like I have ‘Cancer’, an awful and crippling disease, one with all sorts of negative connotations and attachment, however I was told about a monthly support group for others with upper gastro-intestinal cancer and thought I should pay it a visit in the run up to starting chemo.

The youngest in the group and also with the most advanced Cancer, I was one of only 3 females. I sat in that circle with my mum and super-bro by my side, with my heart in my throat, trying to hold back the tears as I introduced myself. They were so kind and it wasn’t long before I opened up and my tears turned to smiles. The group was made up of mostly middle aged to older men, all of whom were in remission or close to I believe, who through monthly meetings, work to support each other through their shared experiences. Identifying the newbie amongst them, they focused their attention on me as they shared their stories. It was there that I met lovely Lucy, the other 30 something anomalous female with oesophageal cancer, now post-surgical and in remission (yay!!!). Since we met 3 month ago, she has consistently checked up on me, offering me support and wisdom that only someone who has been through it can offer, she knows my chemo calendar better than I do and is always on hand with kind words and invaluable advice. Saturday just gone, she walked 13 miles for Cancer Research UK and asked if she could walk for me. I truly believe that it’s people like Lucy and support like hers that makes the difference between dying of cancer and living with cancer and looking to it as a positive and blessed experience. As I have said before, I strongly believe that Cancer is more a symptom than a disease and even more strongly, believe that we have the power to heal ourselves. Of course there is a place for medical treatment but the most invaluable remedy is in the power of positive thinking and community support, both of which I am so thankful to have plenty of. So thank you Lucy for being such a light in the short time that I have known you and thank you, my army of slug slayers, for your unwavering love and support. You don’t know the power of your kindness but you are healing me. WE ARE POSSIBLE!!

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  1. david kent says:

    my name is David. Jesus Christ is the altimate healer. keep him in prayer as i will for you.

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